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Most Christians today have a quickening in their spirit they know that their Savior will soon be coming back. Although many Christians have fallen for the pre-tribulation doctrine and feel they won&rsquo t be around for the tribulation (Click here for a complete study of the Rapture timing), we&rsquo ll look at what will happen when you are still here when the Great Tribulation starts. We&rsquo ll explore what we as Christians will do when persecution does come our way. To fight or not to fight , to defend ourselves and our family or to not defend, these are the questions we hope to answer, so let&rsquo s get started.

9. Taekwondo literally means “the way of the foot and fist” because Tae means “to destroy with the feet”, Kwon is “to strike” and Do is “path” or “way”.

Many students use all kinds of tricks to cheat in exams. Some people think that it’s a wrong deal, but it helps them achieve excellent academic results with no stress. There are different techniques, and most of them are common today. Those school and college students, who understand how crucial t.

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• Martial art style that emphasizes spectacular kicks. Punches and hand/arm strikes can sometimes receive less focus.
• Developed in Korea.
• Often taught by Korean immigrants (in America). Your child is likely to learn some Korean (. how to count in Korean).
• Taekwondo is an Olympic sport. Therefore students will often be encouraged to spar according to Olympic rules (in a controlled environment and with protective gear).
• Different terminology (. Uniform = Dobok, School = Dojang, etc.)
• There are different styles/schools within Taekwondo (such as WTF and ITF).
• Not a 8775 soft 8776 martial arts style such as Tai Chi.
• Not a 8775 grappling 8776 martial arts style such as Judo.
• Will teach your child basic self-defense.

I hope this short study has helped you to understand that we are not to fight, no matter the circumstances, no matter how your flesh justifies the reason. God is in charge and he is testing you to see if you love His Word. So prepare in your heart ahead of time so you can make the right decision when it comes.

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