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Digital Communication Systems

Visit the IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight in its new location for a glimpse into the latest research on emerging technologies with insights directly from IEEE authors.

TEKRON Communication Systems

(f) The licensee shall develop and maintain written policies and implementing procedures to implement the cyber security plan. Policies, implementing procedures, site-specific analysis, and other supporting technical information used by the licensee need not be submitted for Commission review and approval as part of the cyber security plan but are subject to inspection by NRC staff on a periodic basis.

Digital Systems: From Logic Gates to Processors | Coursera

This book focuses on the increasingly hot topic of Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems (HiTLCPS) that incorporate human responses in the IoT equation.

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The RMS-7RC is a frequency agile channel monitoring and redundancy Broadband switching station, which incorporates 7-independent automatic switches, offered also with single switch. The RMS-7RC6 single switch station has identical features and performance as the RMS-7RC.

Display- and information systems for industrial communication – here Siebert takes a market leading top position. Factory automation, production control, process visualization, environmental engineering, logistics and transport are typical fields for the application of our products.

This month s issue of IEEE Spectrum features a special report broken up into 8 parts: watts, vehicles, and food. How can tech slow greenhouse gases to stop climate change? 65 Technologies for a More Liveable Planet

Designed for professional applications the type spectrum ranges from compact digital displays to widely visible large size display systems. The individual series are based on common platforms so that the control for all series is nearly the same – an advantage for the project planner.

We design, build and deliver solutions for today’s network-centric battlespace current and next-generation ground, in-vehicle and airborne tactical radios, and advanced command and control battle management systems. When darkness falls, our night vision technologies lead the way with real-time connectivity, thermal fusion abilities, and Gen 8 image intensifiers with unmatched clarity, low- and no-light performance and superior tube longevity. First responders rely on us for anytime, anywhere connectivity through converged P75 LMR and LTE two-way radios , innovative network applications and mission-critical communication platforms. Our Digital Mobile Radio open-standard solutions enhance worker safety and efficiencies, and are scalable, allowing organizations to grow systems as their needs change.

With the prevalence of wearables and mobile technology in the healthcare industry, researchers have designed an innovative, blockchain-based system to securely store and share mobile health data.

The latest LED technology is used in Siebert digital displays. LED displays distinguish themselves through their high luminous power and durability. Their big viewing angle allows convenient and reliable reading even when looked at from the side.