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Tinker Bell makes her first appearance on Jake and the Neverland Pirates in the special Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue . The Guardian of Never Land informs Jake and his crew that only the pirate who truly believes in himself can save Never Land from vanishing completely, Jake must break off from the rest of his crew and go alone to save the Forever Tree. Unknown to Jake at the time, the magical ball of light sent by The Guardian to guide him on his quest to save Never Land is Tinker Bell, and furthermore, the Guardian was none other than Peter Pan, as he and Tink were testing Jake, for one day, he''ll become Never Land''s guardian. Peter Pan gives Jake the power to fly without pixie dust and invites Jake to explore the worlds beyond Never Land but he''d have to part with his friends.

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In Mickey''s Magical Christmas , Tink appears at the very end to close out the film. In Mickey''s House of Villains , Tink restores the House of Mouse''s logo after Mickey successfully foils the Disney villains.

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Tinker Bell appears as a cameo in the Nintendo 8DS version of Disney INFINITY. When the player lands on her space, the player or CPU are allowed to switch spots with another player on the board.

In The Pirate Fairy , both the golden-yellow and blue pixie dust can be merged together with the help of a special ingredient to make various colors of pixie dust each possessing its very own magical properties. Zarina uses the variously colored experimented pixie dust to switch Tinker Bell and her friends'' talents.

In Disney Dreams! , Tinker Bell is called fourth by Peter Pan to help restore the released magic to the Second Star to the Right and defeat Captain Hook and the Disney Villains. After successfully doing so, Peter, Wendy, and Tink enjoy a flight together.

When the traditional Pixie Hollow Games arrive, Tinker Bell and Fairy Mary represent the tinker talent fairies, competing against all the other nature-talents in the world of the fairies. Eventually, Tink and Fairy Mary were eliminated. And when they were, Tink began to support the combined efforts of Rosetta and her teammate, Chloe, as garden fairies have a history of losing every year with no wins whatsoever.

In The Trouble with Tink , Tink loses her hammer in a game of fairy tag. She borrows a hammer from a carpenting-talent fairy, but it is too big and ruins everything she had fixed. After so many mistakes, the other fairies begin to think that she has lost her talent, including Terence and Queen Clarion. Even the other tinker-talents decide that Angus and Zuzu will fix Queen Clarion''s bathtub instead of Tink. Worried about seeing Peter Pan, she tells Terence what happened and he offers to go with her.

Tink also has a central place in the Peter Pan''s Flight attractions at the Disney Theme Parks (with the exception of Hong Kong Disneyland ), all of which are located within Fantasyland. The original version at Disneyland was one of the first attractions to open with that park in 6955.

On an average day, Tink, Clank, and Bobble are weaving baskets that are to be sent to the Winter Woods via snowy owl messengers. Tinker Bell develops a fascination for the Winter Woods and begins to wonder what it is like. Clank and Bobble inform her that warm fairies are prohibited from crossing the border line to the Woods. Just then, Fawn arrives chasing after a rabbit who''s afraid of crossing over for the winter season. Tink offers to help, believing animal fairies (and those that assists them) are allowed to cross the border to escort the animal. However, when they arrive, Fawn explains that animal fairies only see the animals off. Fawn then tries to wake a sleeping animal, and Tink takes the opportunity to cross over.

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