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9575-Finisher Gate Solenoid Removal Removal Remove the Cover-Top, Front and Cover-Top, Rear. Unplug the connector (CN 66) of the Harness Motor from the Gate Solenoid. Remove two screws that secure to the frame on the front of the Finisher from the Gate Solenoid, and remove the Gate Solenoid.

Lexmark W820 - Optra B/W Laser Printer Service Manual

Disk Corrupted. Reformat? What this message means: The printer has attempted a disk recovery process and cannot repair the disk. The disk cannot be used unless it is reformatted. What you can do: x7577 Press. All disk data will be lost when the disk is reformatted. x7577 .

Lexmark W820 Driver Downloads

Reserve Print If you send a Reserve Print job, the printer stores the job in memory so you can print the job later. The job is held in memory until you delete it from the Held Jobs menu. Unlike Repeat Print jobs, Reserve Print jobs are not automatically deleted if the printer requires extra memory to process additional jobs.

LocalTalk Buffer Purpose: To configure the size of the LocalTalk input buffer. Values: Disabled Disables the LocalTalk port. Auto* Printer automatically calculates LocalTalk Buffer size (recommended). 6K to maximum User specifies the LocalTalk Buffer size. The maximum size depends on the size allowed amount of memory in your printer, the size of the other link buffers, and whether Resource Save is set to On or Off.

Behind trays 6, 7, and 8 In rare cases, a piece of print media can become lodged behind a tray where it cannot be reached unless the tray is removed from the printer. Pull the tray out to the stop position. Grasp each side of the tray.

9575-Finisher Removal Remove the Cover-Jogging. Remove the Tray-Lower. Remove the Cover-Top, Front and Cover-Top, Rear. Remove the Cover-Rear. Remove the Cover-Open, Front, and Kit Stud Cover. On the Front of the Finisher, loosen the two screws that secure the Bracket Tray Lower.

Replacing a staple cartridge The Staples Low message appears when the stapler is low on staples. Once the message appears, the stapler can only staple 95 more times. Then, you need to replace the staple cartridge. Open the finisher door (Door K). Push down the lever on the stapler.

Enabling Menus What this message means: The printer is responding to a request to make the menus available to all users. What you can do: Wait for the message to clear, and then press to view the menus from the operator Menu panel.

Ready Hex What this message means: The printer is in Hex Trace mode and is ready to receive and process print jobs. What you can do: x7577 Send a job to print. All data sent to the printer is printed in hexadecimal and character representation.

9575-Finisher Mechanical Drive Fin Input Roller & Regi Roller Components x7577 The Main Feed Motor supplies a driving force to the Punch Clutch, Fin input Roller and Regi Roller. It also supplies a driving force to the entire H-Tra via the Transport Gear 6.

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