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The sarcophagus has become a source of excitement because a layer of mortar between the body and the lid indicates its contents have lain undisturbed since it was buried.

BBC Radio 4 - The Missing Hancocks

how can you keep a calm and polite response to many of these posts? You are an archaeologist. Down in the dirt, doing the boring bits. Hancock is merely an entertainer, writing readable books for the consumption of the gullible non-archaeologists. I know who I trust to tell me a version of the historical truth and it ain 8767 t Hancock.

BBC - Lost Sitcom: Hancock’s Half Hour - Media Centre

Glaciers did not cover &ldquo the majority of Europe &rdquo : I suggest you look at a few maps of the extent of ice sheets. Britain, which is in north-west Europe, was never completely covered and most areas further south were untouched (apart from the spread of glaciers from mountain ranges).

Kevin Lynch:
If you re-read the entire article you linked, you 8767 ll possibly arrive at a far different conclusion. To whit: the assertions you are making are the opposite of what the post-NIOT investigations have revealed. The minuscule potsherds found bear no resemblance to Harappan pottery and were found while dredging, rather than in contextual strata. The references cited by your article will clarify this for you, if you choose to exercise due diligence.
Best regards.

Solo crises – a rainstorm – hit her like clockwork. And there’s absolutely no escaping the inspirational drift of Edie’s adventure, because the film has an unrestrained music score, by the sometimes-great Debbie Wiseman, which hoists her aloft every inch of the way, like a magic carpet straight to the summit.

I see the owners of this website doing exactly what they claim Hancock does and that undermines their point of view. I think Hancock, and others like him, can be used to uncover the evidence so we get a better picture of the past and that their theories can be ignored without trashing the effort he is making.

How can &ldquo official archeologists &rdquo say that Göbekli Tepe &ldquo is impossible &rdquo what it was those very &ldquo official archeologists &rdquo who discovered it and are excavating it?

I thought “Darwinism” was just a synonym for “natural selection”. It has very little relevance to archaeology, right? I think Ubutnu has badly over-interpreted the term.

The darkened areas are the ones which has been ice-covered. It is clear that the ice sheets never grew larger than that.

I admit i have only read this one article on your site but it is true that you have done nothing to debunk anything he says at all. I am a keen follower of graham hancocks work and recently found myself thinking of nothing else. I decided that maybe to get a bit of perspective I should search for articles that disprove what in my opinion are plausible ideas. Not many results so far and if this is the standard then I cant see myself changing my mind about him. Please do reply with any thoughts you have to debunk his ideas about the age of the Sphinx (due to the water erosion on the bedrock), the correlation between the pyramids and the constellation of Orion etc. I just dont see that hordes of slaves put together a structure of the stature of the pyramids with such precision relating to the astronomical alignments, especially given the sheer weight of some of the materials.

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